Weekly chalet booking terms and conditions

  1. At least fourteen days’ notice in writing must be given if a reservation is amended or cancelled and a cancellation fee at the current rate will be made. No refund will be given if cancellation is received less than 14 days before the term of the hire.
  2. Whilst every effort will be made to let the hirer have the Chalet number requested, the Council reserve the right to offer an alternative Chalet where necessary.  Chalets are allocated on a first come, first served basis.
  3. Payment of the hire charge must be paid in full, prior to the commencement of the hire period or this agreement will be terminated.
  4. A week’s booking will run from 2.00pm on the first Saturday of hire until 10.00am on the following Saturday of hire when the key must be returned. Chalets not vacated by 10.00am on the final day of hire may incur extra hire charges.
  5. Keys which are lost or fail to be returned at the end of the hire period are subject to a replacement fee of £20.00 per key.
  6. The Chalet is only to be used by the hirer, his family or friends, between the hours of 7.00am and 10.30pm. The use of the Chalet by the hirer’s family or friends shall be without financial or other material consideration of any kind, direct or indirect. Overnight occupation of the Chalet is not permitted. Sub-letting is not permitted.
  7. All children under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult.
  8. The Chalet is to be used only for the recreation, shelter or personal comfort of the hirer, his family or friends. The Chalet must not be used for any trade business or calling of any kind. The collection of money for any charity is not permitted from the Chalet.
  9. The Chalet includes the cost of electricity at Scarborough and Filey (Whitby Chalets do not have electricity). Scarborough Chalets are furnished with four chairs, table cupboard and electric kettle. Filey Chalets have four chairs, table cupboard and kettle. Whitby Chalets have two chairs, one bench and hinged table. Whitby Chalet chairs may not be taken onto the beach. The hirer will be held responsible for any loss or damage caused to the Chalet or any of the contents during his hire. Breakages and damage must be reported and payment made to the Superintendent of the Chalets who will issue a receipt.
  10. Some Chalets are provided with a wired electric kettle and hirers may not use the electricity supply for any other use.
  11. The hire of the Chalet does not confer any concession in connection with the use of any Council facilities.
  12. The hirer of the Chalet shall not cause or permit any public or private nuisance in or upon the premises or anything which shall cause annoyance, inconvenience or disturbance to the occupier of the neighbouring Chalets or to the public. The hirer shall not allow any radio/audio or musical instrument to be played in such a way as to be a nuisance to the users of the adjoining Chalets.
  13. The cooking of food inside a Chalet is not permitted.
  14. The use of barbeques and/or camping stoves inside a Chalet is not permitted.
  15. Due to the risks of fire and explosion, gas canisters, if used, must not be left unattended at any time. Gas canisters must not be left in the Chalet overnight. The Council reserves the right to remove any item from the Chalet if required in the interests of safety.
  16. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that all rubbish is removed and the Chalet is left in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the hire period. The hirer must not deposit any refuse or rubbish near any Council Chalet otherwise than in the bins provided.
  17. The driving and/or parking of motor vehicles are prohibited on all promenades between the hours of 10.00am and 5.30pm except for authorised vehicles.  Normal Council car parking charges will apply to all Chalet users.
  18. Whilst dogs are permitted in the Chalets, owners are requested to exercise control over their pets and keep them on a lead so as not to cause annoyance to others. It should be noted that byelaws to control dogs and dog fouling are in force in certain areas of our beaches and promenades.
  19. The Council will not be liable for any loss or damage to the property or any personal injury arising out of the use of the Chalet whether suffered by the hirer or his family or friends. The Council will not be held responsible in any way for possessions left unattended in a Chalet at any time including overnight.
  20. No sign or structure of any kind shall be fixed or displayed from the Chalet.
  21. The Council reserves the right to enter and inspect the Chalet at any time. Hirers are not permitted to add their own locks or fastenings to the Chalet.
  22. If the Council require for any reason to recover possession of the Chalet they may give the hirer one day’s notice to that effect and the Council will refund to the hirer a proportion of the charge, at the discretion of the Council.
  23. The Council reserves the right to terminate the hire at any time without refund of any outstanding hire fee if the hirer does not comply with the above conditions.
  24. Maintenance of Chalets and enquiries should be referred to the Beach Superintendent at the Beach Superintendent’s office.
  25. Payment of the hire charge will be deemed as acceptance of the above terms and conditions