Terms and Conditions - Standard Waste Collection for Holiday Let Accommodation

Scarborough Borough Council
Terms and Conditions - Standard Waste Collection for Holiday Let Accommodation


1. The council will provide a standard waste collection service for your business waste as part of the normal domestic collections in the area. The service cannot be suspended for any period, unless otherwise stated.
2. This service will be provided in accordance with current legislation and these terms and conditions provided you have made payment of the charge in full. Unless otherwise stated, the charge is a fixed annual charge regardless of your use of the service.
3. All business waste must be placed in the containers provided and set out in the normal location for collection on collection days only. Any container which is poorly presented or is so heavy as to be difficult to manoeuvre or lift; or which contains prohibited materials will not be collected. The matter will be investigated by us.
4. The containers provided for your standard waste collection service shall only be collected / emptied by our operatives. Only the containers provided by or purchased from the Borough Council shall be used.
5. We reserve the right to vary or change the collection frequencies where circumstances arise which are beyond our control.
6. Bank Holiday collections are normally postponed and revised collections put in place. We will endeavour to notify you of the revised collection arrangements each year. These details are also available on the council’s website.
7. If a Business Rated holiday let is reassessed as a domestic property by the Valuation Office Agency, or is removed from rating, then the Standard Waste Collection costs will cease. The owner may apply for a pro-rata refund for any pre-paid charges subject to a minimum refund amount of £20. No other refunds will be made, unless otherwise stated.
8. If the Business Rated holiday let is not entitled to Small Business Rate Relief (SBRR) waste disposal charges are applicable in line with the Controlled Waste Regulations 2012. The liable party must inform Local Taxation of any change which may result in a change in their SBRR eligibility.
9. Notice must be given via the council’s online self- serve “Waste Collection Services for Holiday Lets” form by providing your new waste collection provider Waste Transfer Note should you wish to be removed from domestic collections.

Duty of Care

10. The waste containers supplied as part of this service are not designed to be used for the manual or mechanical compaction of waste. The use of such equipment is therefore prohibited. Use of such equipment places our employees at risk and will result
in the suspension or termination of this service.
11. Any recycling containers supplied by us are for the recycling of glass bottles, paper, cardboard, cans and plastic bottles only.
All such materials must be clean and empty. Recycling containers contaminated with other waste will not be collected. If a container is found to be contaminated it is your responsibility to remove the contamination prior to collection.
12. Waste must be stored securely at the premises and only in the containers provided. You are responsible for ensuring that no nuisance is caused to the Borough Council or any third parties. Bins should remain closed at all times. No excess waste shall be collected unless an appropriate payment is made or unless the materials are contained in pre-paid Borough Council waste sacks.
13. No liquids (including waste oil), untreated meat or quantities of fish / shellfish, waste deemed unacceptable (specifically rubble, plasterboard, building materials), hazardous or clinical waste shall be placed in the containers. The burning of materials in any container is also prohibited.
14. Where a bin or bins are provided these should be maintained by you in the condition in which they were provided. Any such containers remain the property of the council.
15. Bins shall be cleaned and disinfected by you as necessary or as required by us.

Safety and Indemnity

16. You are wholly responsible for the safety of all persons, (including the employees and agents of the Borough Council) entering your premises. You must ensure the existence of a safe working environment at your premises at all times.
17. Any act by you that puts the safety of any of our employees or agents at risk, may result in the suspension of termination of the service.
18. You shall indemnify us against all claims arising through any neglect, act or breach by you. This includes but is not restricted to any claims in relation to the waste containers, any misuse, access to and / or the location of any customers waste storage facility. You will be responsible for the cost of any replacement container that has been damaged for any reason.
19. We reserve the right to immediately suspend collections where the health and safety of our employees or agents or vehicles are considered at risk until such time as the arrangements are considered safe by us.