Scarborough, Sandside and Quay Street - Restriction On Painting Buildings

The Borough Council has introduced special rules, known as an Article 4 Direction in the area of Sandside and Quay Street, Scarborough.

The effect of the Direction is that Planning Permission is needed for a change in the colour of any building within the designated area. The reason for introducing this is that the Borough Council considers the colour of buildings in this area is critical in order to achieve a more sophisticated image and to preserve and enhance its historical character. Developing a more sophisticated image will help in the regeneration of the area.

If you wish to change the colour of your building you will need to apply for Planning Permission.

Changing the colour of the building includes changes to the masonry, shop fronts, doors and windows. In order to help property owners develop appropriate colour schemes, the following palette of colours is recommended by the Borough Council.

The colours are taken from the British standard 4800 range – you should quote the reference number rather than the colour name since different manufacturers chose different names for their colours.


Masonry paints should be smooth (not textured) with a flat matt finish – gloss masonry finishes are not appropriate in Conservation Areas. On a historic building such as a Listed Building the paint should be breathable.

Features such as string courses, architraves and copings may be picked out in different colours which should be chosen to provide a subtle contrast

BS Number Colour

08B15 Magnolia

08B17 Vellum

10B15 Gardenia

08C31 Buttermilk

10C31 Cream



Shop fronts and panelled doors

Traditionally panelled doors and shop fronts were carried out in rich, full bodied colours. The following are particularly suitable for these locations

BS Number Colour

00A13 Condor Grey

10A11 Storm Grey

08B25 Beaver

08B29 Peat

10B15 Conservation White

10B25 Lizard

12B25 Alpine Green

12B29 Amazon

18B29 Graphite

06C39 Bronze

08C39 Saddle

10C30 Bulrush

12C39 Olive

14C39 Empire Green

18C39 Azure

20C40 Midnight Blue

04D45 Cherry

00E53 Black


Windows and door frames

Should be painted in off white. In some 19th century buildings the sash box was picked out in a darker colour – this should be chosen from the list of colours for panelled doors.

10B15 Conservation White