Fishing - Scarborough Harbour

On 1 April the single new council for North Yorkshire launched replacing Scarborough Borough Council and other local authorites in North Yorkshire.

To find your Councillor or to view minutes, meetings and agendas please visit the North Yorkshire Council website.

The commercial fishing fleet at Scarborough Harbour consists of a mixed variety of vessels and fisheries.  Ranging from large trawlers to smaller day fishing shellfish vessels.

The landing berths are immediately adjacent to the fish quay in the inner harbour and are accessible at most times.

The fish quay is 180m long. Landing davits are available for use by smaller vessels.


  • Fresh Water: available on the fish quay
  • Ice: contact T G Wood Ltd (01723 363367)
  • Landing Davits: contact Watchkeeper (01723 373877)
  • Diesel: local distributor is W Eves & Co (01723 500227)


The moorings available for fishing vessels in Scarborough are:

Scarborough Fish Quay

This is situated adjacent to the West Pier on the west side of the inner harbour and is reserved for the use of fishing vessels landing fishery products. Other craft may use the quay by special permission of the Harbour Master.

North Wharf

This is situated on the north side of the inner harbour and is reserved for fishing vessels and commercial/passenger craft only. Privately-owned craft are not allowed to berth in this area except with special permission.

Vincent Pier – Inner Harbour

This is reserved for large commercial/passenger craft and vessels wishing to access the grid.

Fees and charges