Sand - South Bay

FOI Date: 
Monday, 2 July 2012

Could you tell me how much it costs the Council to move the sand along the South  Bay from the West Pier to the Spa Wall please.


The cost of the beach re-grading this year was £16,430.  The work is fully funded by the Environment Agency and 100% grant aid has been received.

I did see your interview in the Scarborough News and you are correct the sand is slowly returning.  This is exactly as it should be and how our studies have predicted the beach would behave.  We do not want to lose sediment from the beach and we want it to slowly return.  We do this re-grading works annually, on behalf of the EA, to reduce the level of the beach which helps to reduce the devastating effects of sea flooding on the infrastructure and properties on Foreshore Road.  Over the course of the year the sediment returns and builds up against the wall, and it will be relocated again at the same time next year with funding provided by the EA.