Landscape Character Assessment

This Landscape Character Assessment (finalised in 2013) forms part of the evidence base for the Scarborough Borough Local Plan and informs the direction of future landscape planning policy. It will also provide evidence at strategic level for development management decisions.

It describes, assesses and evaluates the character of the rural landscapes of Scarborough, identifying broadly aspects of the landscape which would be sensitive to change, and appropriate strategies for the landscapes.

The qualities and sensitivities of the borough’s landscape are drawn out at a strategic scale in the companion volume 1. Volume 2 adds detail to that report, assessing the sensitivity of the local landscape of potential housing allocations to residential and mixed use development of the type and scale anticipated in Scarborough during the Local Plan period.

The North Yorkshire and York Landscape Character Assessment is now available online. It provides a valuable reference document for everyone with an interest in the sustainable management of the landscapes of the countryside, coast and settlements.