Licensing Scheme

FOI Date: 
Tuesday, 14 September 2021

1)            Please could you confirm that your council has Selective licensing scheme(s) in place at this current time?

2)            If you could attach the Selective licensing scheme(s) designation and any other supplementary documentation to your response that would be really appreciated.

3)            Confirmation that you do not currently operate any Additional HMO licensing schemes within the borough?

4)            Could you also confirm if you have any ongoing or upcoming consultations to bring in any further Additional HMO and/or Selective property licensing schemes?

5) Have you got any council specific extra rules applied to your mandatory scheme?         


1.            The Council currently operates 2 Selective Licensing Schemes, which between them cover a total of 1059 licensed properties

2.            Attached are the designations for both schemes plus the maps showing the location of the designations.

3.            The Council does not operate any Additional HMO licensing schemes within the Borough

4.            The Council consulted on a further Selective Licensing scheme within another part of the Borough last year, and is awaiting the outcome of it’s application to MHCLG for approval of the designation.

5.            No, the Council does not have any specific extra rules in respect of mandatory licensing.

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