ICT Information

FOI Date: 
Friday, 24 September 2021

1. Please can you provide a copy of your latest digital transformation / strategy document?

2. Who, within the Organisation, has overall responsibility for the content of this document?

3. Does the Organisation have an electronic signature solution in place?

4. If so, what is the solution name and when will the current contract renewal be considered?

5. What is the current cost per signature?

6. Does the Organisation have any electronic forms and /or automated document processes in place in the following departments or are paper based forms still being used?

a. HR

b. IT

c. Housing

d. Licensing

7. If automated document processing is in place, which workflow solution is being used, what is the current contract renewal date and who, within the Organisation, is responsible for choosing a supplier (name and position)?


1.            There is no current document. A Digital Strategy is currently being developed. It is expected to be submitted for approval during 2021.

2.            Greg Harper, Head of ICT, greg.harper@scarborough.gov.uk, 01723 384333.

3.            No.

4.            N/A.

5.            N/A.


a.            Mainly paper based.

b.            N/A.

c.             Mainly paper based.

d.            Mainly paper based.

7.            N/A.