HR/Communicaton and ICT Information

FOI Date: 
Tuesday, 21 September 2021

1.            How many new employees have been recruited, by your Organisation, in the last 3 years?

2.            How many of those Employees are still with the Organisation?

3.            In which department do you see the highest turnover of Staff?

4.            How much does your Organisations spend on recruitment, on average, per year?

5.            What “out of hours” support, do you offer, within the following Departments?

a.            Housing

b.            IT

c.             Public Health / Environmental

6.            What is the process for dealing with incoming communications (phone, email etc), during work hours, to the aforementioned departments – ie, is there a triage and / or ticketing system in place?

7.            Who, within the Organisation, is responsible for recruiting IT Personnel?


1.            212

2.            174

3.            Tourism, Parking Services and Environmental Services (seasonal recruitment)

4.            £919


a.            Housing

Via our out of hours call centre, the Council provides an emergency assessment/accommodation service for the homeless

b.            IT

There is no formal out of hours arrangements, but if a serious technology incident occurs beyond normal working hours, then the Head of ICT can be contacted to assess the issue and mobilise a response from available members of the ICT Services team.

c.             Public Health / Environmental

Out of normal office hours there is an Environmental service call out system. This service is resourced and delivered by The Environmental Services Manager, Commercial Regulation Manager and Residential Regulation Manager, 7 days per week outside normal office hours. It is done on a rotation basis.

Please note public health services falls under the remit of North Yorkshire County Council.

6.            Incoming communications normally come into the Council via our Customer First department who refer enquiries to the relevant department. Services have generic email address (e.g. to receive incoming communications directly from members of the public.

Most postal correspondence is scanned by a central admin team and delivered via email. Post that cannot readily be scanned is sorted by the same central admin team and collected on a daily basis by a member of each service area.

7.            Greg Harper, ICT Manager.