Digital Transformation in Local Government

FOI Date: 
Monday, 18 July 2016

Can you please provide me with a copy of any of the following strategy documents if you hold them:

1.            Digital Transformation Strategy

2.            ICT Strategy

3.            Customer Service Strategy

Can I also ask for a copy of any published case studies, if you hold any, regarding Digital Transformation initiatives undertaken by your authority.



1.            The Council published a Cabinet report on its website (20 October 2015), ‘Modernising the Council - Update on Digital Implementation Plan (SWITCH Programme) and ICT Infrastructure Replacement Programme’. This can be viewed online (please scroll down to Item 13) at

2.            The Council’s ICT Strategy is currently being written and is intended to be published later this year.

3.            I am advised that the Council does not have a Customer Service Strategy. I have attached the current set of Customer Service Standards, which I hope proves to be of some vale to your request.

4.            In response to your request for any published case studies regarding Digital Transformation initiatives the Council has undertaken, the following are links to publicly available articles of relevance. These links to third party provided information are working as at 18 July 2016: