Harbour users COVID-19 guidance

Update - 6 November 2020

All users are probably aware a further national lockdown has been imposed for an initial four weeks from 5 November until 2 December.

As the winter period approaches, many of you at Whitby are in the process of arranging storage for your vessel, generally on to the Whitby Marina Car Park or into the boat yard at Coates Marine.  It has therefore been agreed that the cut-off date for the winter mooring fees will be delayed until 16 December 2020.  We are hoping this will allow sufficient time, if you need it, to arrange for your vessel to be lifted out after the proposed 2 December lockdown ends and prior to the winter charge being raised. This will be assessed again if the national restrictions are extended beyond the four-week period.

Slipways currently remain accessible to you unless further and more specific guidance for the recreational sector is received.

As I’m sure you will be aware, government restrictions are in place regarding non-essential travel. However, if you choose to attend to your vessel then we would appreciate it if you could scan the QR code at the marina facilities and wear a face covering when accessing the building and the pontoons. We’d like to remind you that overnight stays are not permitted unless your primary residence is your vessel.

We appreciate that the guidelines are rapidly evolving and changing on a frequent basis.  We encourage all harbour users to adhere to the government guidelines at all times.

Stay safe and thank you for your ongoing support.


Port Services