Young Adults Council meeting

Monday, 6 November 2017

16 to 18 year olds from across the Borough of Scarborough will get the chance to act as councillors for an evening and quiz Scarborough Borough Council Cabinet members at a special Young Adults meeting on Thursday 16 November at the Town Hall in Scarborough.

The meeting comes on the back of a similar successful initiative held in previous years, which proved to be a hit with year six school pupils and councillors.

A formal agenda has been drawn up for the meeting to give the students taking part a true experience of how a formal council meeting is run. Hot topics on the agenda are:

  • Increasing Youth Participation in Democracy - Students have been tasked with developing a campaign to bring together young people from across the local area to encourage them to vote (in both local and general elections)
  • Debate - resulting from a consultation exercise, which is canvassing the opinion of the students on youth voting and youth participation in democracy (as a councillor and as a politician) 

Those that are set to take part in the meeting represent five of the borough’s uniformed groups: Eastfield Explorer Scouts, Scarborough Air Cadets 739 Squadron, 4th Scarborough Boys Brigade, Scarborough Explorer Scouts-Young Leaders and 5th Scarborough Boys Brigade. The groups will be joined by students from Whitby’s Caedmon College.

The young 'councillors' will be able to ask Cabinet members questions about the consultation report and there will be a vote on whose campaign for increasing youth voting impresses the most.

As part of the event, the council has arranged a Careers Fair to take place at the Town Hall, which is available to all members of the public on the evening from 5.30pm. The Careers Fair will showcase the courses and opportunities for young adults within the local area.

Generic image of young people in silhouette to illustrate story