Supplementary Planning Documents

We produce Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) on specific issues and policies.

Supplementary Planning Documents are not statutory documents but are used to supplement the policies and allocations within the Local Plan. SPDs may take the form of design guides, area appraisals/development briefs or issue based documents.

Current consultation - 13 August 2021

We are currently consulting on two SPDs; an update to the Affordable Housing SPD and a new Residential Design Guide SPD. These can be viewed and commented upon at our Planning Consultation Portal page.

These SPDs, response forms and other related documents can also be downloaded below.

Paper copies are also available to view at local libraries and Council Offices (Scarborough Town Hall, Whitby Harbourmaster's and Filey Evron Centre).

The deadline for responding is 5pm on Friday 24th September 2021.

PDF icon Draft Affordable Housing SPD (Aug 2021).pdf 14.07 MB
PDF icon Draft Affordable Housing SPD (2021) Sustainability Appraisal.pdf 139.69 KB
PDF icon Consultation Statement for Affordable Housing SPD.pdf 715.72 KB
File Statement of Consultation (Affordable Housing).docx 13.27 KB
PDF icon Draft Residential Design Guide SPD August 2021.pdf 19.63 MB
PDF icon Draft Residential Design Guide SPD - Sustainability Appraisal.pdf 140.24 KB
PDF icon Draft Residential Design Guide SPD - Consultation Statement.pdf 250.63 KB
File Draft Residential Design Guide SPD - Statement of Consultation.docx 13.27 KB

Adopted SPDs