A vision for Filey to be considered by councillors

Monday, 6 March 2023

After months of work, stakeholder feedback and consultation with thousands of residents, our Vision for Filey document will be considered by our senior councillors next week.

A report will be presented to a meeting of the cabinet on Tuesday 14 March.

We set aside £1 million for Filey when it wasn’t selected to be part of the government’s Towns Fund initiative unlike Whitby and Scarborough.

Work to develop the vision for Filey began 18 months ago when we asked residents where and how money should be spent in the town over the proceeding 10 years.

More than 1,000 pieces of feedback, ideas or suggestions were submitted, making it one of the council’s most successful consultations.

Further engagement took place online, in person and at several events.

The outcomes from those sessions focussed on what could be done to provide more support for young and old people - and to improve the quality of their lives.

Residents also said there should be more support for businesses and they identified a need to better manage and improve the experience of visitors.

The vision will be a 10-year plan for Filey which is locally ‘owned’ and reflects all aspects of the community, its needs and desires.

We were very pleased to be able to work in partnership with Filey Town Council on this important initiative for the town.

The report being presented to cabinet proposes that a community partnership be created to take forward the vision.

Councillors had separately approved £400,000 to redevelop play areas in Filey Country Park, Glen Gardens and Copse Hill and £120,000 is earmarked for Filey’s paddling pool.

Work has begun on a £300,000 refurbishment of chalets along the beach front and planning permission for a skate park has been granted in which we are investing £328,000.

Councillor Liz Colling, cabinet member for inclusive growth, said:

“I am really pleased that we’ve been able to get our Vision for Filey document completed and I’d like to thank the hundreds of residents who gave feedback or suggested ideas.

“The vision is a collective view of what Filey could look like in 2032 and demonstrates what can be achieved when we work closely with local people and organisations.

“We have created a strong foundation for the new unitary authority to take on and I look forward to seeing the further development of the Vision for Filey in the future.”