Reminder of dogs on beaches seasonal ban

Friday, 14 July 2017

As the school summer holidays fast approach, the beaches in the Borough of Scarborough will soon be at their busiest with visitors of all ages, both the two legged and four legged variety. 

Scarborough Borough Council’s Dog Warden department is therefore reminding all dog owners of the seasonal restrictions for dogs on the borough’s main beaches.

There are dog bans in place on the main sections of beach at Scarborough South Bay and North Bay, Filey, Whitby West Cliff and Sandsend. The areas where dogs are not permitted are well signposted at all access points, in addition to some new multi-purpose information signs placed around the beaches. Full details of the specific dog ban areas can be found on the council’s website at

The seasonal restrictions remain in place up to 30 September, and additional patrols have been put in place to enforce these. Offences can be dealt with by a fixed penalty notice of £75, but if prosecuted through the courts, the offences carry a maximum £1000 fine.

There is a separate restriction on Tate Hill beach at the east side of Whitby, requiring dogs to be kept on a lead, which currently applies all year round. New signage has been put in place to advise the public about the restriction.

Dog owners are also reminded that they must by law clear up their dog’s faeces, and take away and dispose of the sealed bags. This law applies to all beaches and public places.

Harry Briggs, Scarborough Borough Council Environment, Enforcement and Contracts Manager said:

"A significant number of visitors to the Yorkshire coast each year bring their dogs with them and we welcome all responsible dog owners. We have many miles of beach where dogs can be exercised freely and responsibly, within just a short walk of the main beaches, but dogs should be kept under proper close control at all times, which is especially important when the beaches are so busy with children.

"Dog owners should also consider, at the hottest part of the day, whether a beach is a suitable place to take a dog, as most dogs do not cope very well with hot weather."

Picture of a dog on a beach