Number plates auctioned to raise money for charity

Tuesday, 29 November 2022

Two car registration plates that we've owned but not used for almost two decades, have been listed for sale on a commercial auction site.

The proceeds will go to the Mayor’s Community Fund which benefits local good causes.

The number plates XVN 1 and XVN 1K were previously allocated to civic cars used by the mayor and deputy.

However, since we made the decision eight years ago to move to a contracted chauffeur service, both have been in storage.

Our research suggests there is no historical significance to either registration mark or any obvious connection to the borough of Scarborough.

It’s thought they were only ever originally purchased because they were distinctive and similar enough to be used on two separate cars.

Estimates put the value of XVN 1 at £12,000 and XVN 1K at £2,000 but there is no guarantee they will reach either figure on the open market.

Both plates are currently registered to the council until 2025 by which time we will have been abolished and replaced by the new unitary council for North Yorkshire.

They have been listed on the website.  The auction closes on 13 December.

The Mayor's Community Fund is a registered charity to which individuals, groups and other charitable organisations from within the borough can apply for financial help. 

It is run by the Mayor or Mayoress of the Borough of Scarborough and has helped hundreds of local people over many years.

Councillor Janet Jefferson, cabinet member with responsibility for corporate services, said:

“We’ve decided to auction these two registration plates because they won’t be allocated to any vehicle before our council is abolished next year.

“Neither plate has any historical significance nor an obvious connection to the Yorkshire coast but if they do have any financial value, they could benefit many good causes.

“The Mayor’s Community Fund makes a huge difference to people in communities across our borough and the proceeds will be a welcome boost to the funds available.”