North Yorkshire PFCC election result

Friday, 7 May 2021

Philip Allott (Conservative) has been elected as the North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner.

Janet Waggott , Police Area Returning Officer at the election for the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for the North Yorkshire Police area, made the announcement today (7 May).

After a two stage count, taking into account first and second preference votes, the final results were:

  • Phillip Allott (Conservative) - 84,737 votes
  • Alison Hume (Labour) - 53,442 votes

The results from the first stage of the count, which includes the two candidates that did not go through to the second stage count, were as follows:

  • Phillip Allott (Conservative) - 73,657
  • Alison Hume (Labour) - 40,803
  • Keith Tordoff (Independent) - 22,338
  • James Barker (Liberal Democrats) - 19,773

The overall turnout for the elections was 25.33%. The turnout for Scarborough borough was 22.04% (up from 18.42% for the same election in 2016).