Irresponsible dog owners held to account in court


Thursday, 6 February 2020

We are continuing to hold irresponsible dog owners to account and our two latest prosecutions for dog related offences have resulted in fines at court for a Scarborough man and a woman from Whitby.

Terrence Arey of Queen Street, Scarborough, pleaded guilty at Scarborough Magistrates Court on 21 January to a dog fouling offence and to obstructing a council dog warden in refusing to allow a dog to be checked for a microchip. The offences were committed in September last year in Clarence Gardens. Mr Arey was fined £300 as well as £120 in court costs and a £32 victim surcharge.

On 31 January, Deborah Lavender, previously of Skinner Street, Whitby, pleaded not guilty at Scarborough Magistrates Court to four offences involving her dog, which were committed in Little Park, Whitby, on 10 and 12 May last year. Ms Lavender was found guilty of a dog fouling offence and having her dog off the lead within the park on 10 May, and on 12 May having her dog off the lead and obstructing a council dog warden in refusing to allow her dog to be scanned for a microchip. She was fined £740 and required to pay costs of £360 with a victim surcharge of £44.

A Public Space Protection Order is in place covering all public open spaces within the Borough of Scarborough, which requires dog owners to clean up after their dogs. Little Park in Whitby is also subject to an all year round order, which requires dogs to be kept on a lead.

Harry Briggs, Scarborough Borough Council’s Deputy Operations, Transport and Countryside Manager said:

"Both these cases demonstrate that where we have strong evidence, we will take enforcement action against irresponsible dog owners and those that choose to ignore Public Space Protections Orders.

"Clarence Gardens and Little Park are popular dog walking areas and widely used by residents and visitors. They are regularly patrolled both overtly and covertly by our dog wardens, who operate a zero tolerance approach. All offences carry a maximum fine of £1000 and are enforced robustly."

Graphic to illustrate dog related offences