Independent investigation into BID ballot

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

We have commissioned the Association of Electoral Administrators (AEA) to undertake an independent and impartial investigation of our role in carrying out the ballot for the Yorkshire Coast Business Improvement District (BID) in 2018.

Peter Stanyon, Chief Executive of the AEA, is undertaking the investigation and has already been provided with detailed background information by the council, the Yorkshire Coast BID Company and representatives of BID levy payers. 

In the interests of transparency and completeness, prior to completing the draft of his report, Peter is interested in receiving written comments from any parties affected by the BID. Comments should be limited to the scope of the investigation, that is, the role of Scarborough Borough Council in carrying out the actual ballot, and should be submitted by email to by 12pm (noon), Friday 31 January

Emails should clearly indicate the interest the person making the submission has in relation to the BID and whether they are commenting as an individual or on behalf of a group.