Fylingdales parish housing needs survey

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Scarborough Borough Council is conducting a housing needs survey in one of the northern parishes of the borough with the help of the local parish council. Questionnaires are in the process of being delivered to all households in Fylingdales parish, to see if there is a need for affordable homes, either to rent or to buy, for local people.

There is concern both nationally and locally about the lack of affordable housing in rural areas for local people on average incomes, resulting in many people having to leave their village to seek accommodation elsewhere.

The aim of the survey is to establish whether there is a need for more affordable housing. If a need is proven, it will help the council to determine the number and type of properties that are needed.

A successful high quality affordable housing scheme consisting of eight homes for rent and two low cost homes for sale was built at Middlewood Meadows, Fylingthorpe, in 2010. All these affordable homes are now occupied by people who have a local connection to the parish.

If anyone with a local connection to Fylingdales parish is in housing need and would like to complete a questionnaire, they can either complete the form online at scarborough.gov.uk/fylingdaleshns or contact Scarborough Borough Council’s Rural Housing Enabler, Colin Huby, by emailing colin.huby@scarborough.gov.uk or telephoning 01723 232538 for a questionnaire.