Futurist demolition proposals

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Special planning meeting will focus on Futurist demolition.

The demolition of Scarborough’s Futurist Theatre is to be discussed at a special planning meeting on Friday 20 October at 1pm.

Scarborough Borough Council had been hoping to present detailed proposals for the demolition at the Planning and Development Committee next week (Thursday 5 October).

However, after receiving requests for clarification from some of the statutory consultees which require further information from the Council’s contractors and their engineers, it was decided the decision-making process should be delayed until these points of clarification have been dealt with.

Council Leader, Cllr Derek Bastiman, said: “A majority of elected members voted to demolish the Futurist Theatre at a Full Council meeting in January. This application to the Planning and Development Committee concerns the detail of the demolition process and the proposed slope stabilisation scheme.

“It’s important that elected members on the Planning and Development Committee have a complete picture before making a decision.”

Scarborough Borough Council is proposing to knock down the existing Futurist buildings, comprising the former theatre, Mermaid Pub, chip shop and other shop units and carry out slope stabilisation measures.

The planning application also includes the removal of the King Street car park behind the Futurist buildings and landscaping reinstatement works.