Further council help for household energy bills

Thursday, 22 September 2022

If you’re a homeowner with a property in council tax bands E to H we’d like to encourage you to check if you are eligible for help with rising energy bills.

Earlier this year, the government announced plans for a £150 energy rebate paid via the council tax, for homes in bands A to D.

We were one of the first councils in North Yorkshire to complete the initial phase of rebates to households that pay their council tax via direct debit.

£5.25 million was paid out in a ten-day period in April to 35,000 households.

Since then, we have been working hard to ensure the £150 rebate is received by households that pay council tax via all other means.

As of 9 September, more than 44,000 payments had been made totalling £6.59 million.

Attention has now turned to assist households in bands E to H that weren’t eligible for support under the initial scheme.

If your home is in those bands and you receive local support for council tax – this is made clear on your annual bill – you are entitled to the £150 rebate.

It is part of a discretionary scheme we have created to support as many people across the borough as possible.

Most payments have been made automatically but if you haven’t received the rebate, we encourage you to check your eligibility and apply for it.

The £150 can be paid into a bank account or credited to your council tax account.

The rebate scheme is also potentially available to households who are not eligible for local council tax support but do receive other financial help.

This includes universal, working or child tax credits, income support, a carers allowance, disability living allowance or pension credit.

Additionally, we are providing support to people who don’t pay council tax but do receive a utility bill for gas or electricity.

This could include someone living in shared accommodation where the cost of rent and council tax is bundled into a single payment, or in a house of multiple occupancy.

Applications for both discretionary schemes need to be made via our website.

Councillor Janet Jefferson, cabinet member for corporate resources, said:

“We know the rising cost of living is causing serious concern and worry for many households across the borough.

“That’s why we prioritised payments under the first phase of the energy rebate scheme and became one of the first councils in North Yorkshire to pay out.

“With limited resources, we’ve extended it locally for eligible households in bands E to H across the borough and for people who don’t pay council tax directly.

Councillor Tony Randerson, cabinet member for neighbourhoods, said:

“We recognised early on that some households in need of help would not benefit from the initial energy rebate scheme.

“I encourage any resident who hasn’t received the £150 automatically to check whether they are entitled to the payment and apply for it.

“Although we can’t reduce the cost of energy, we are committed to doing what we can to provide support where possible.”