Consultation on review of dog restrictions

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Our dog warden service is undertaking a review of the current dog restrictions in place throughout the borough.

As part of the review, it is conducting a consultation to seek people’s views on the restrictions, which are enforced through a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO).

PSPOs last for three years and have to be reviewed and consulted on before they can be renewed. The consultation has been timed to ensure a full review can be undertaken before the current PSPO expires in January 2021.

The consultation asks people’s opinions on the locations and extent of the restrictions, the times of year they are in place and other factors, such as the amount of fines given for contravening the PSPO.

The consultation questionnaire is open for responses until 28 August. It is open to everyone that wants to express their opinion, not just dog owners. It can be completed online at

As well as consulting the general public, we are also inviting our Residents Panel, parish councils and other key stakeholders to submit their opinions.

Harry Briggs, Deputy Operations, Transport and Countryside Manager, said:

"We fully recognise the importance of dog ownership and try to provide plenty of areas for people to exercise their dogs on and off the lead. At the same time we also understand that others want to enjoy areas free from the presence of dogs. The restrictions are in place to try to strike a balance between these different needs.

"To ensure this consensus can be maintained and the restrictions remain relevant and appropriate, we consult periodically about them. Responses to our latest review will help to shape the restrictions for the next three years."