Change to promotion of planning applications

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Scarborough Borough Council has introduced a change to the way in which it promotes planning applications. Following a review of how people receive information and comment on planning applications, new eye catching orange notices will be posted in locations where new planning applications have been submitted.

Cllr Joe Plant, Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning and Transformation explained:

“The ways in which our towns and villages change and develop are massively important to residents and business. Each year our planning service receives thousands of comments on planning applications, all of which are fed into the decision-making process.

“Anyone is entitled to comment on an application, so rather than writing directly to the households and businesses that we consider may be interested in a specific development, we are switching to a more strikingly coloured official site notice and displaying a greater number of them as the prime means by which people will be made aware of applications. We believe this will be a more effective and efficient means of publicity.”

People are also encouraged to make use of the council’s website to view, comment or track planning applications.

The website allows people to view and track the progress of planning applications, comment on planning applications, set up search profiles and be automatically notified by email, see whether an appeal has been lodged and the result of that appeal where applicable, and view weekly and monthly lists of applications and decisions.

Site notice