Affordable housing need survey in Egton parish

Tuesday, 30 November 2021

We are conducting a survey to see if Egton parish needs more affordable homes.

A high quality affordable housing scheme for rent was built in Egton in 2015. The ten homes all went to people who have a local connection to the area.
Fast forward to 2021 and a new survey is underway to see whether additional provision is required.

Anyone with a local connection to Egton parish who is in housing need and is concerned about the lack of affordable housing in their area, is invited to complete the survey. The closing date is Friday 17 December.

People without online access can request a survey from our rural housing enabler, Colin Huby, by calling 01723 232538.

Feedback from the survey will be used to help us determine the number and type of properties that are needed in the parish.

Picture of the affordable housing built in Egton in 2015