Whitby Harbour swing bridge

The current swing bridge was built in 1908. It links the upper and lower harbour areas and the east and west sides of the town.

The bridge spans 75ft and each section can be operated independently swinging horizontally.

Opening times

The bridge opens on the hour and half hour on request on VHF channel 11.

It is manned for two hours either side of high water.  While on duty the bridge operatives maintain a listening watch on VHF channels 11 and 16.

The first opening will be as soon as practical two hours before high water. The final opening will be 10 minutes prior to two hours after high water.

Worked example: High Water is 13.18 - the first opening will be 11.30 (allowing time for the operators to stop the traffic and open the bridge). The next openings, if requested will be: 12.00, 12.30, 13.00, 13.30, 14.00, 14.30, and the final opening will be 15.08.

Extra opening times 2021

Date Extra time morning Extra time afternoon
Saturday, 26 June 0930  
Saturday, 17 July   1200
Saturday, 31 July   1230
Saturday, 14 August   1700
Sunday, 15 August   1200
Saturday, 21 August   1330
Saturday, 28 August 1130 1700
Sunday, 29 August   1200
Monday, 30 August   1230
Sunday, 12 September   1730
Saturday, 25 September   1630
Sunday, 26 September   1700
Saturday, 9 October 0930