Pilot Harbour Executive

On 1 April the single new council for North Yorkshire launches.
Over the weekend, there may be times when some of our systems are not available as we work to bring them together.

The first meeting of this newly formed pilot Harbour Executive took place on 7 June 2018.

They aim to provide good ‘Corporate Governance’ for the harbours, incorporating leadership, effectiveness and accountability.  This will include, where necessary, engagement with stakeholders including strategic planning for the future growth and maintenance of the harbours.

To provide good quality information; financial accounts (to comply with CIPFA code of practice), performance data, annual report and information transparency. 

Essentially to operate the harbours safely, complying with the Port Marine Safety Code and maintain a safe landside environment.  To include the principles of a safe and open port, environmental obligations, civil contingencies etc. whilst embracing all other harbour responsibilities, including but not limited to dues, security, harbour legislation and powers. 

These meetings will take place at quarterly intervals.


  • Cllr J Jefferson, Portfolio Holder
  • Mr N Edwards, Director
  • Mr J Woodhead, Northern Area Engineer
  • Alex Richards, Regeneration

Primary supporting officers

  • Capt. C Burrows, Borough Harbour Master
  • Capt. I Vasey, Ports Manager
  • Lesley Dale, Ports Business Manager
  • Kevin Wardell, Accountant
  • Martin Pedley, Risk & Insurance and PMSC Designated Person
  • Robert Webster, Health and Safety
  • Legal representative

Other supporting Officer’s will be called as and when required.

Notes of the Executive meetings will be shared on the authority’s website and presented for discussion at appropriate Harbour User Consultative Group meetings.