Affordable Housing SPD

Please note, a replacement Affordable Housing SPD will replace the current version shortly.

The current Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) was formally adopted by the Borough Council on 2 November 2015. The SPD provides guidance for developers on the affordable housing requirements for all new residential developments.

Since the SPD was adopted the Government successfully challenged the quashing of the Ministerial Statement of 28 November 2014 and there has been further affordable housing viability work carried out as part of the Local Plan Examination Process. This has resulted in a modified affordable housing requirement.

The following table sets out the percentage of affordable units required within different sized schemes within the different Sub-Housing Market Areas within the Borough.


Affordable Threshold (no of dwellings)

Housing Market Areas


Filey, Hunmanby and Southern Parishes

Whitby, Northern and Western Parishes





10 or less

No Contribution


In line with the Government's online Planning Policy Guidance, a 'vacant building credit' will be applied to appropriate developments where a vacant building is either converted or demolished. This credit will be equivalent to the gross floorspace of the building to be demolished or brought back into use. This credit does not apply when a building has been 'abandoned'.

Where on-site affordable housing is required, a minimum of 70% of the affordable housing units should be rented, unless the Local Planning Authority is satisfied that an alternative mix meets proven local need.

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