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Current and recent consultations and our consultation portal.

Current Consultation on Sites submitted for the Local Plan review

Latest Update 2 June 2021

A further site has been submitted and an existing site has been suggested for additional / alternative uses. These sites are:

35/11: Land North of New Gardens, Green Lane, Whitby (this site was already proposed for housing but has now been widened to potentally include tourism and leisure uses);

01/03: Land at Reighton House Farm, Church Hill, Reighton.

Downloadable posters for each site are available at the bottom of this page which show the sites in the context of their surroundings. Posters will also be placed around these sites during the week commencing 31 May 2021. A period of 6 weeks is allowed for the submission of comments that will end on Friday 16th July 2021. 

Comments can be made online at our portal. Please register and complete the form titled 'Comments form for Housing and Other Submitted Sites. 

Alternatively a response form is available to download at the bottom of this page which can be completed and emailed to or sent to Planning Policy & Conservation, Planning Services, Scarborough Borough Council, Town Hall, St Nicholas Street, Scarborough, YO11 2HG. 

9 April 2021

A further 5 sites have been submitted for consideration since the 12 February 2021. These are now included in the table below and posters are available to download at the bottom of the page. These sites are:

02/04: Land to the North-East of Outgaits Lane, Hunmanby;
02/05: Land between Sheepdyke Lane and Sands Lane, Hunmanby;
10/08: Land at Woodlands Drive, Scarborough;
24/10: Land North of Tause's Lane, High Street, Cloughton; and
24/11: Rear of 19-23 High Street, Cloughton.

12 February 2021

The first list of sites were publicised for consultation on 12 February 2021 and will be updated on a monthly or bi-monthly basis as and when additional sites are submitted for consideration. A table of the sites submitted so far is shown below highlighting the site reference, site address, area of site (hectare/acre) and the proposed use and these are grouped into Scarborough Urban Area, Whitby, Filey, Service Villages, Smaller Villages and Other Areas. 

These posters will also be placed around the sites in question in due course as current restrictions are lifted. This will allow local residents who may not be on the Local Plan consultee database the opportunity to become aware of the proposals and to provide their comments. 

Site Ref: Site Address  Area (ha/acre) Proposed Use
Scarborough Urban Area
10/01 Land North of Woodlands Ravine, Scarborough 1.28ha/3.3ac Housing/Leisure  WITHDRAWN
10/02 Former Filey Road Sports Centre, Filey Road, Scarborough 2.43ha/6.0ac Housing/Retail/Care Home
10/03 Former Skipton Building Society Site, Queen Margaret's Industrial Estate, Scarborough 1.47ha/3.6ac Housing
10/04 50-59 Newborough, Scarborough 0.2ha/0.5ac Mixed Use incl. Student Accommodation
10/05 Land to South of Park and Ride, Seamer Road, Scarborough 2.47ha/6.1ac Employment
10/06 Land to the North of Stepney Road, Scarborough 4.77ha/11.8ac Housing
10/07 Land at Springhouse Farm, Filey Road, Scarborough 23.04ha/56.9ac Housing
10/08 Land at Woodlands Drive, Scarborough 1.48ha/ 3.6ac Housing
08/01 Land East of Station Road and South of B1261, Cayton 6.44ha/15.9ac Housing
08/02 Land at Cayton Low Road, Cayton 5.27ha/13ac Housing
08/03 Land off Mill Lane, Cayton 9.15ha/22.6ac Housing
18/01 Land at North Street, Scalby 8.53ha/21.1ac Housing
18/02 Land to the South-West of Scalby Manor, Scalby 1.5ha/3.71ac Housing
53/01 Land to East of The Intake, Osgodby 0.69ha/1.5ac Housing
56/01 Land to South of Priory Place and West of Osgodby Lane, Eastfield 3.44ha/8.5ac Housing
Whitby and Surrounding Villages
35/01 Land at Stainsacre Lane, Whitby 10.52ha/26ac Housing
35/02 Land to south-east of A171 / A169 Roundabout, Whitby 7.74ha/19.1ac Mixed Commercial / Housing
35/03 Land to the North of The Avenue, Ruswarp 1.13ha/2.8ac Housing / Self-Build Housing / Holiday Accommodation
35/04 Land to the South-East of The Avenue, Ruswarp 0.52ha/1.3ac Housing
35/05 Land to the East of The Avenue, Ruswarp 0.59ha/1.5ac Housing / Self-Build Housing / Holiday Accommodation
35/06 Land to the West of Links View, Whitby 0.06ha/0.1ac Housing
35/07 Land to the East of 'Upper Bauldbyes', Prospect Hill, Whitby (1) 0.04ha/0.1ac Housing
35/08 Land to the East of 'Upper Bauldbyes', Prospect Hill, Whitby (2) 0.11ha/0.3ac Housing
35/09 Land between Castle Road and Sandsend Road, Whitby 12.89ha/31.9ac Housing
35/10 Land to East of Whitehall Wood, Larpool Lane, Whitby 0.38ha/0.9ac Housing
35/11 Land North of New Gardens, Green Lane, Whitby 2.49ha/6.2ac Housing
39/01 Former Cement Mill, East Row, Sandsend 0.48ha/1.2ac Mixed Use (Retail / Leisure / Tourism)
39/02 Land at East Row, Sandsend 0.39ha/1ac Housing
39/03 Land at Dunsley Lane, Sandsend 0.75ha/1.8ac Housing
39/04 Land East of Dunsley Lane, Sandsend 0.24ha/0.6ac Housing
03/01 Land at Mill Farm, Muston Road, Filey 5.91ha/14.6ac Housing
03/03 Land to East of Primrose Valley Service Station 1.5ha/3.7ac Visitor Accommodation
Service Villages (the Parishes of Hunmanby, Seamer and Irton, East and West Ayton, Snainton, Burniston, Sleights)
02/01 Land to the East of Muston Road and North of Northgate, Hunmanby 2.97ha/7.3ac Housing
02/02 Land to North of Northgate, Hunmanby 1.98ha/4.9ac Housing
02/03 Land between 20 and 30 Malton Road, Hunmanby 0.64ha/1.6ac Housing
02/04 Land to the North-East of Outgaits Lane, Hunmanby 4.24ha/10.5ac Housing
02/05 Land between Sheepdyke Lane and Sands Lane, Hunmanby 4.16ha/10.3ac Housing
09/01 Land South of 'Green Acres', Stoney Haggs Road, Seamer 0.01ha/0.03ac Housing
09/02 Land South of Hopper Hill Road, Scarborough Business Park 5.9ha/14.6ac Housing
12/01 Land to North of Seamer Road, East Ayton 3.2ha/7.5ac Housing
12/02 Land to North of A170, East Ayton 4.53ha/11.2ac Housing
17/01 Land between A170 and West Lane, Snainton 1.52ha/3.8ac Housing
17/02 Land behind 96 High Street, Snainton (1) 0.11ha/0.2ac Housing
17/03 Land behind 96 High Street, Snainton (2) 1.54ha/3.8ac Housing
20/01 Land to rear of and including 40 Stone Quarry Road, Burniston 0.83ha/2.1ac Housing
20/02 Land at Rocks Lane, Burniston 0.97ha/2.4ac Housing / Tree Planting
20/03 Land at Beck Farm, Rocks Lane, Burniston 0.98ha/2.4ac Housing
20/04 Land at Low Farm, Rocks Lane, Burniston 0.61ha/1.5ac Housing
20/05 Land at Low Farm, High Street, Burniston 0.17ha/0.4ac Retail
20/06 Land to North of Overgreen View, Burniston (1) 3.85ha/9.5ac Housing
20/07 Land to North of Overgreen View, Burniston (2) 1.06ha/2.6ac Housing
20/08 Land West of Limestone Grove, Burniston 0.14ha/0.34ac Housing
Other Villages
01/01a Land at Sands Road and Butts Hill, Reighton (3 Sites)


01/01b Land at Sands Road and Butts Hill, Reighton (3 Sites) 0.26ha/0.6ac Housing
01/01c Land at Sands Road and Butts Hill, Reighton (3 Sites) 0.42ha/1.0ac Housing
01/02 Land to West of Church Hill, Reighton 3.18ha/7.9ac Housing
04/01 Land to West of Beech Cottage, Carr Lane, Folkton 0.3ha/0.7ac Housing
06/01 Land adjacent White Lodge, Filey Road, Gristhorpe 0.19ha/0.5ac Housing
06/02 Land South of Carless Lane, Gristhorpe 0.3ha/0.7ac Housing
15/01 Land at Manor Farm, Ruston 0.47ha/1.2ac Housing
15/02 Fairfield Business Park, Wykeham 0.53ha/1.3ac Employment
16/01 Land to West of West Brow, Brompton-by-Sawdon 0.16ha/0.4ac Housing
24/03 Rear of 51 High Street, Cloughton 0.8ha/1.9ac Housing
24/04 Land off Quarry Bank, Burniston (in Cloughton Parish) 1.34ha/3.3ac Housing
24/05 Rear of 25-27 High Street, Cloughton 0.41ha/1ac Housing
24/06 Land South of Linton Close, Cloughton 3ha/7.4ac Housing
24/07 Land to the West and East of Mill Lane, Cloughton 4.52ha/11.1ac Housing
24/08 Land North of Quarry Bank, Burniston (in Cloughton Parish) 0.5ha/1.2ha Housing
24/09 Land East of Linton Close, Cloughton 0.54ha/1.3ac Housing
24/10 Land North of Tause's Lane, High Street, Cloughton 0.77ha/1.9ac Housing
24/11 Rear of 19-23 High Street, Cloughton 0.37ha/0.9ac Housing

Recent consultations

The consultation on the Issues and Options document ran for 10 weeks up to later 2020 and was in relation to the review of the Scarborough Borough Local Plan which was adopted in July 2017. This included:

  • The Issues and Options document - sets out the main issues that need to be addressed in the review;
  • The Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report - sets out against what sustainable criteria the Local Plan and its policies and strategies should be assessed; and
  • A Call for Sites - a request for the submission of sites for consideration which can include sites for housing, employment, leisure, tree planting, habitat creation, etc.

To make sure you are kept informed of forthcoming consultations please register your details on our dedicated planning consultation portal.

The documents can also be downloaded at the webpage Review of the Scarborough Borough Local Plan (2011/32)

Consultation portal

You can view all other and older consultation documents here.

Microsoft Office document icon Downloadable Comment Form42.5 KB
PDF icon 10/02-Former Filey-Road-Sports-Centre-Filey-Road-Scarborough742.48 KB
PDF icon 10/03-Former-Skipton-Building-Society-Site-Queen-Margaret's-Industrial-Estate-Scarborough681.02 KB
PDF icon 10/04-50-59-Newborough-Scarborough676.58 KB
PDF icon 10/05-Land-to-South-of-Park-and-Ride-Seamer-Road-Scarborough415.82 KB
PDF icon 10/06-Land-to-the-North-of-Stepney-Road-Scarborough592.47 KB
PDF icon 10/07-Land-at-Springhouse-Farm-Filey-Road-Scarborough622.76 KB
PDF icon 10/08-Land-at-Woodlands-Drive-Scarborough415.15 KB
PDF icon 08/01-Land-East-of-Station-Road-and-South-of-B1261-Cayton451.55 KB
PDF icon 08/02-Land-at-Cayton-Low-Road-Cayton560.1 KB
PDF icon 08/03-Land-of- Mill-Lane-Cayton573.22 KB
PDF icon 18/01-Land-at-North-Street-Scalby712.63 KB
PDF icon 18/02-Land-to-the-South-West-of-Scalby-Manor-Scalby504.4 KB
PDF icon 53/01-Land-to-East-of-The-Intake-Osgodby490.06 KB
PDF icon 56/01-Land-to-South-of-Priory-Place-and-West-of-Osgodby-Lane-Eastfield398.73 KB
PDF icon 35/01-Land-at-Stainsacre-Lane-Whitby677.21 KB
PDF icon 35/02-Land-to-south-east-of-A171/A169-Roundabout-Whitby352.59 KB
PDF icon 35/03-Land-to-the-North-of-The-Avenue-Ruswarp342.69 KB
PDF icon 35/04-Land-to-the-South-East-of-The-Avenue-Ruswarp487.04 KB
PDF icon 35/05-Land-to-the-East-of-The-Avenue-Ruswarp486.91 KB
PDF icon 35/06-Land-to-the-West-of-Links-View-Whitby406.97 KB
PDF icon 35/07&35/08-Land-to-the-East-of-'Upper-Bauldbyes'-Prospect-Hill-Whitby401.82 KB
PDF icon 35/09-Land-between-Castle-Road-and-Sandsend-Road-Whitby408.71 KB
PDF icon 35/10-Land-to-East-of-Whitehall-Wood-Larpool-Lane-Whitby342.42 KB
PDF icon 35/11-Land-North-of-New-Gardens-Green-Lane-Whitby297.85 KB
PDF icon 39/01-Former-Cement-Mill- East-Row-Sandsend443.4 KB
PDF icon 39/02-Land-at-East-Row-Sandsend442.59 KB
PDF icon 39/03-Land-at-Dunsley-Lane-Sandsend481.11 KB
PDF icon 39/04-Land-East-of-Dunsley-Lane-Sandsend480.92 KB
PDF icon 03/01-Land-at-Mill-Farm-Muston-Road-Filey452.11 KB
PDF icon 03/03-Land-to-East-of-Primrose-Valley-Service-Station385.17 KB
PDF icon 02/01-Land-to-the-East-of-Muston-Road-and-North-of-Northgate-Hunmanby388.63 KB
PDF icon 02/02-Land-to-North-of-Northgate-Hunmanby388.59 KB
PDF icon 02/03-Land-between-20-and-30-Malton-Road-Hunmanby479.43 KB
PDF icon 02/04-Land-to-the-North-East-of-Outgaits-Lane-Hunmanby303.97 KB
PDF icon 02/05-Land-between-Sheepdyke-Lane-and-Sands-Lane-Hunmanby687.96 KB
PDF icon 09/01-Land-South-of-'Green-Acres'-Stoney-Haggs-Road-Seamer235.03 KB
PDF icon 09/02-Land-South-of-Hopper-Hill-Road-Scarborough-Business- Park375.93 KB
PDF icon 12/01-Land-to-North-of-Seamer-Road-East-Ayton556 KB
PDF icon 12/02-Land-to-North-of-A170-East-Ayton555.58 KB
PDF icon 17/01-Land-between-A170-and-West-Lane-Snainton566.17 KB
PDF icon 17/02&17/03-Land-behind-96-High-Street-Snainton539.31 KB
PDF icon 20/01-Land-to-rear-of-and-including-40-Stone-Quarry-Road-Burniston399.46 KB
PDF icon 20/02-Land-at-Rocks-Lane-Burniston523.31 KB
PDF icon 20/03-Land-at-Beck-Farm-Rocks-Lane-Burniston442.14 KB
PDF icon 20/04-Land-at-Low-Farm-Rocks-Lane-Burniston658.73 KB
PDF icon 20/05-Land-at-Low-Farm-High-Street-Burniston658.48 KB
PDF icon 20/06-Land-to-North-of-Overgreen-View-Burniston-(1)539.6 KB
PDF icon 20/07-Land-to-North-of-Overgreen-View-Burniston-(2)538.78 KB
PDF icon 20/08-Land-West-of-Limestone-Grove-Burniston311.63 KB
PDF icon 01/01-Land-at-Sands-Road-and-Butts-Hill-Reighton469.06 KB
PDF icon 01/02-Land-to-West-of-Church-Hill-Reighton291.89 KB
PDF icon 01/03-Land-ar-Reighton-House-Farm-Church-Hill-Reighton266.57 KB
PDF icon 04/01-Land-to-West-of-Beech-Cottage-Carr-Lane-Folkton320.15 KB
PDF icon 06/01-Land-adjacent-White-Lodge-Filey-Road-Gristhorpe460.32 KB
PDF icon 06/02-Land-South-of-Carless-Lane-Gristhorpe459.78 KB
PDF icon 15/01-Land at Manor Farm, Ruston451.21 KB
PDF icon 15/02-Fairfield-Business-Park-Wykeham372.96 KB
PDF icon 16/01-Land-to-West-of-West-Brow-Brompton-by-Sawdon371.5 KB
PDF icon 24/03-Rear-of-51-High-Street-Cloughton332.94 KB
PDF icon 24/04-Land-off-Quarry-Bank-Burniston413.23 KB
PDF icon 24/05-Rear-of-25-27-High-Street-Cloughton349.5 KB
PDF icon 24/06-Land-South-of-Linton-Close-Cloughton353.05 KB
PDF icon 24/07-Land-to-the-West-and-East-of-Mill-Lane-Cloughton427.92 KB
PDF icon 24/08-Land-North-of-Quarry-Bank-Burniston441.03 KB
PDF icon 24/09-Land-East-of-Linton-Close-Cloughton405.68 KB
PDF icon 24/10-Land-North-of-Tause's-Lane-High Street-Cloughton314.49 KB
PDF icon 24/11-Rear-of-19-23-High-Street-Cloughton283.45 KB
PDF icon 35/11-Land-North-of-New-Gardens-Green-Lane-Whitby (Revised)297.89 KB