Do I need planning permission?

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Before starting your proposed development, you will need to find out whether you need to apply for planning permission.

Householders: If you are unsure whether alterations to your home require planning permission you can complete our Householder Do I need Planning Permission form. We will then check whether your proposal will need planning permission and advise you accordingly. This check is provided for a fee of £25.

Commercial: If you are unsure if alterations to your business or a change of use will require planning permission you can complete our Commercial Do I need Planning Permission form. We will check if planning permission will be required and advise you accordingly. This check is provided for a fee of £25.

Permitted development

Certain works can be carried out without the need to apply for planning permission. This is known as 'permitted development'.

The Planning Portal offers general advice including interactive tools and mini guides to common projects.

Can I get confirmation that I don't need permission?

If you are satisfied that your proposed works do not require planning permission, you can apply for confirmation in the form of a Lawful Development Certificate.