Resident's parking permits - Scarborough

On 1 April the single new council for North Yorkshire launched replacing Scarborough Borough Council and other local authorites in North Yorkshire.

To find your Councillor or to view minutes, meetings and agendas please visit the North Yorkshire Council website.

A resident’s permit allows a resident within a disc zone street to park their vehicle within the zone for an unlimited amount of time, providing their vehicle is clearly displaying a valid permit.

Applying for a permit

Apply for a parking permit >

If you need some help with the online form, please call 01723 232323.

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First permit
Second permit
Third permit
  • The resident's permit is only applicable for the zone in which the resident resides.
  • A resident's parking permit does not guarantee a parking space.
  • The resident's permit is only valid when the vehicle is correctly parked within a disc parking bay or within any Resident Only streets within your zone.
  •  The parking permit DOES NOT allow a vehicle to park on yellow lines, within a time restricted bay (e.g. 40 minute bay), within a disabled bay, bus stop, taxi rank or loading bay.

What you need to get a permit

Please provide one of each of the following: 

Proof of vehicle

  • Vehicle registration document in your name and current address
  • Motor insurance document or cover note – showing your vehicle details with name and current address
  • Garage bill of sale – showing your vehicle details with name and current address
  • Company letter confirming you are the user of the vehicle and insured to drive the vehicle
  • Hire/lease agreement/letter confirming you are the user of the vehicle and insured to drive the vehicle

Proof of address

  • Current Council Tax bill
  • Utility bill (gas, electric or water bill dated within last 3 months)
  • Landline phone bill (must contain telephone number, dated within last 3 months)
  • Current tenancy agreement (including landlord and tenant signatures)
  • Property lease agreement
  • Property purchase document

Proof of exemption

  • Current Personal Independence Payment (PIP) award letter (higher rate)
  • Photocopy both sides of current/valid disabled badge (must be in the name the vehicle is registered to and residing at the address from where the application is made)
  • Current income support or guaranteed pension credit award letter (higher rate)
  • Current Job seekers allowance award letter or employment and support allowance

Renewing a permit

You will be sent a reminder and renewal form when your permit is due for renewal.

Renewal of the permit is the responsibility of the permit holder.   Your permit will not renew automatically.

Renew your parking permit >

Change of vehicle?

Return your current resident's permit to Customer First with proof of your new vehicle.

The proof would need to show that the new vehicle is held at your address (e.g. Insurance Document).

If you do not have your permit to return, you may incur an additional cost.

While the amendment is being made scratch cards need to be used within the vehicle to ensure it is parked legally and prevent any Penalty Charge Notices from being issued.

Change of address?

Contact Customer First to advise us of your change of address.

If your new residence is situated within the same zone, we need to update your details on our system to ensure your renewal is sent to the correct address. If your new property is situated within a different zone, you will need to return your current permit to Customer First with proof of your new address, so that an amendment can be made to your permit to ensure it is valid for the correct zone.  

If you move properties and no longer require a Resident's Permit, you will need to return your current Residents Permit to Parking Services with a cover letter.

On receipt of the returned permit a refund can be issued for any FULL months remaining on the permit.