Upper Harbour Reserved Car Park

Cost of Permit


Valid From: 1 April
Valid To: 31 March
Valid In Upper Harbour Reserved Car Park Only
Method of Application Call Customer First on 01723 232323 for an application form
Proof Required:

Vehicle registration document or

Insurance document

Waiting List: Yes
Limited Number: 18
Guaranteed Space: Yes


  • The permit can only be purchased in the name of (an idividual or in the name of) a business that continues to be active in the immediate area.
  • The permit cannot be transferred between individuals working for an organisation.
  • The permit is specific to that person and vehicles in their ownership/family only
  • The Council reserves the right to withdraw the permit at any time giving 1 months notice.
  • The permit will be withdrawn if it is discovered that the use of it is not in accordance with the conditions above
  • The permit remains the propety of Scarborough Borough Council at all times.