Blue badges for disabled drivers

Blue Badges are provided by North Yorkshire County Council.

How to apply for a blue disabled badge

Apply for a Blue Badge - North Yorkshire County Council website.

  • Blue Badges can only be issued to people who meet the eligibility criteria, and not to relatives or carers.
  • The Blue Badge can only be used in a vehicle where the badge holder is the driver or passenger.
  • Please note that the issuing of the disabled badges is not a service provided by Scarborough Borough Council. It is provided by North Yorkshire County Council. Please click on the link for further information on their website.

Where to park

Car parks | On street disabled parking

Disabled badge holders are able to park:

  • Without time limit in any of the on-street pay and display bays
  • Without time limit in any of the signed disc zones
  • Within signed and marked disabled bays. Please note that some disabled bays within the area have a time limit and it is the motorist’s responsibility to ensure they have checked the signs in the area for any time limits which may be in force. Where the disabled bay is time restricted, the driver must display the disabled badge and a clock to indicate their time of arrival.
  • On double yellow lines for a maximum 3 hour period. The vehicle must not be causing an obstruction to other road users. Please check that there is no loading restriction in place before you leave your vehicle. The blue badge and clock must be displayed to indicate your time of arrival.
  • At all times a valid disabled badge and when necessary a clock must be clearly displayed within the vehicle or the motorist could be liable to being issued with a Penalty Charge Notice.
  • Please note that some of these are local restrictions which are in place. The national restrictions relating to the use of the Disabled Badge are also in force, for further information on these restrictions please consult the Blue Badge Handbook, which is provided when a blue disabled badge is issued.

PLEASE NOTE: disabled badge holders are not exempt from parking charges within any of the council’s off street pay and display car parks in the borough.

Where NOT to park

A disabled badge holder must not park:

  • Where loading is prohibited. This is indicated by a single or double yellow line on the road, accompanied by yellow ‘kerb blips’. Where there is a double kerb blip the loading ban is in force at all times. Where there is a single kerb blip the restriction is only in force at certain times of the day. It is the motorist’s responsibility to check the sign plates in the area to see what time the restriction is in force.
  • Wholly or partly on the footway.
  • In a suspended parking bay
  • In a loading bay
  • In a residents only area
  • Adjacent to a dropped kerb
  • In a taxi bay or doctors bay
  • On a pedestrian crossing
  • Bus stops
  • School keep clear signs
  • Urban Clearway, during its hours of operation
  • For further information on where not to park please consult the Blue Badge Handbook, which is provided when a blue disabled badge is issued.

Who can use your badge?

  • The blue badge is for the benefit of the badge holder only
  • A Blue Disabled Badge allows cars carrying people who have disabilities to be parked near shops, stations and other facilities.
  • The blue badge can be used within a vehicle where the badge holder is the driver or a passenger.
  • The blue badge can not be used when the badge holder is not present in the vehicle. Do not allow someone to use your badge when you are not present.
  • The use of a blue badge by a non-disabled person is a criminal offence and can carry a fine of up to £1000.

How to display your blue badge

  • The Disabled Badge must be displayed in a prominent position within the vehicle. It must have the expiry side facing outwards to allow the Civil Enforcement Officer to see that your badge is valid.
  • When suitable the badge must also be accompanied by a clock to indicate the driver’s time of arrival. An example situation where a clock is required is when the vehicle is parked within a time restricted disabled bay. The clock must be set to indicate the time of arrival, to allow a Civil Enforcement Officer to see that your vehicle has been parked within the allowed time.
  • When the Disabled Badge and/or Clock are incorrectly displayed the motorist could be liable to a Penalty Charge Notice being issued.
  • For more information on how to correctly display the blue badge and clock please consult the
    Blue Badge Handbook, which will have been provided at the time the blue badge was issued.

Blue badge fraud

Our counter-fraud providers Veritau investigate allegations of misuse of a blue badge on our behalf. To report fraud you can contact them in the following ways:

Telephone: 0800 9179 247


Post: West Offices, Station Rise, York, YO1 6GA