Councillors' allowances

Independent Renumeration Panel

We are looking for three people, passionate about the borough, to join an Independent Remuneration Panel (IRP) to help review our Members’ Allowances Scheme. Find out more.

All councillors are entitled to claim an allowance to meet the basic costs of being a councillor, and for those who hold positions of additional responsibility, a Special Responsibility Allowance is also paid.  The Special Responsibility Allowances vary depending on the amount of responsibility and additional work that accompanies the position.

Councillors can also claim for the cost of travelling and subsistence incurred when on Council business. The amounts claimed can vary depending on the area in which the councillor lives, the number of meetings they attend and whether the post they hold requires attendance at national conferences and events.

A statement of the full range of allowances payable to members.

A summary of the current scheme of allowances (last amended in April 2018) is set out below:

Value (£)
Basic x 4
Group Leader*
Basic x 1.5
Cabinet Member
Basic x 2
Planning & Development Committee Chair
Basic x 1.8
Overview and Scrutiny Board Chair
Basic x 1.66
Audit Committee Chair
Basic x 1.66
Licensing Committee Chair
Basic x 1.66
Standards Committee Chair
Basic x 1.33
All other Members – Basic
Basic x 1

*In order to qualify for this allowance, a group must comprise a minimum of 10% of the total number of Members.

In addition, Chairs of Scrutiny Task Groups and the Independent Persons who consider standards complaints may claim an allowance of £25 per meeting.