Employment and wellbeing support

The recent pandemic has impacted on many business and residents across the borough.

People who have been in stable employment for many years have been displaced and now find themselves seeking work or looking to become self-employed. For these people the wide range of help and support available is probably unknown.

Across the borough we have lots of fantastic organisations working hard to deliver a range of support including:

  • CV writing skills
  • Interview prep skills
  • Help with job search
  • Advice around benefits and debts
  • One to one mentoring
  • Group sessions
  • Access to skills and learning
  • Advice on how to retrain and embark on a different career path
  • Confidence building and improving self-esteem.

These organisations are able to help anyone out of work or seeking a different path – a new career or perhaps those looking to set up their own business. Please see the links below for how to make contact.

Over the coming months this page will also provide details on upcoming activities and events which will promote local job opportunities so please revisit on a regular basis.

Our partners

Adult Learning and Skills Service
Beyond Housing
Construction Skills Village
CU Scarborough
Futureworks NY
Go for It UK - training and Development
National Careers Service from GOV.UK