Homelessness prevention

If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness you can make a homelessness application to us.

If a duty is accepted we offer a comprehensive review of your housing circumstances. This includes producing a 'personalised housing plan' to help us prevent or relieve your homelessness.

If you are unable to keep your home, we will look to assist you in finding another home. This may include financial assistance.

If your homelessness cannot be prevented or relieved, we have a duty to make a final decision on your homelessness application.  This will determine if we have a duty to secure you permanent accommodation or not.

If you are actually homeless with no reasonable accommodation available to you at all, then we may have a duty to provide you with emergency temporary accommodation. 

Unfortunately there is a shortage of affordable homes in the borough and we are not able to find a home for everybody that needs one.

Leaving care

If you are a care leaver, you will have a leaving care worker. They will help you to secure accommodation. The Young People’s Pathway can help you. 

Leaving prison

Shelter may provide a service at the prison. They will be able to help and make referrals.

If Shelter do not operate in the prison, then the prisoner should write to us. Provide details on previous accommodation, release date and any details of physical/mental health. 

Leaving the armed forces

If you are leaving the armed forces or are ex-armed forces facing homelessness, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. We will try to assist and make referrals to other relevant agencies that may be able to assist also, such as The First Light Trust.

Leaving an abusive relationship

If you have fled a physically or mentally abusive relationship we can look to assist you with your rehousing needs. We would also refer you to other agencies who can assist such as IDAS locally. If you are in a relationship and feel at risk at any point, dial 999.

Leaving hospital

If you are in hospital and are aware that when you are discharged, you will not have a home to return to, or will no longer be able to access your existing home, you should contact the discharge liaison nurse at the hospital as soon as possible. They will then be able to contact us on your behalf in order for an assessment to be arranged so that we can see how your needs can be met in the most effective way.

Mental health services

If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness and believe that you have mental health problems, you should contact your GP and ask for a referral to mental health services. You should also contact us so that we can help you with your housing problems. If you have been referred to mental health services or are already working with them, we can work with them to try to help you.

Making a referral

If you are a public authority that is subject to the duty to refer, then please follow the link below in order to make a referral of a service user that you consider may be homeless or threatened with homelessness. You must have consent for the referral, allow the client to identify the local housing authority in England that they would like the notification to be made and have consent from the client that their contact details can be supplied, so the local housing authority can contact them regarding the referral. live.housingjigsaw.co.uk/alert/duty-to-refer

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