Collective energy switching

Helping the borough get cheaper energy bills.

To help residents in the borough get a better deal on their energy bills we are with switching our partner, iChoosr, who run many energy switching schemes across the country. 

The aim of the scheme is to make it easy and simple for you to consider switching.  We also use collective purchasing power to try and secure better deals for everyone.

How does the scheme work?

Step 1: Anyone who pays a household energy bill and who is interested in saving money by switching energy suppliers can register for FREE.  

Registration is easy but you will need a copy of a recent energy bill to complete the process.

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Step 2: When registration closes,  iChoosr will invite energy companies to offer their best process for energy to everyone in the scheme. 

Step 3: You will receive a personal offer on the new tariff secured by the scheme and based on the information you gave. 

You will also see exactly how much money you might save if you were to accept the offer.

Step 4:  There is no obligation to accept and there are no fees or charges if you don’t switch.  You simply get a new offer that could potentially save you money on your energy bills.

Please ensure you have a recent bill to hand as we need details on how much energy you use and who you pay your bill to (a bill based on actual readings will be more accurate).

Please click here to register >

If you need any help then please contact Choices4Energy at the Town Hall, St Nicholas Street, Scarborough, YO11 2HG or call 01723 232532 or pop into one of our Customer First Centres.