Polling district and polling place review

Electoral Services are commencing an interim polling district and polling place review.

Proposed timetable



Key Documents

Friday 08 October 2021

Publish Recommendations & Consultation Opens

Notice of review

Initial Recommendations

Friday 05 November 2021

Consultation Closes


Tuesday 14 December 2021

Final Recommendations Published (Cabinet consideration)


Monday 24 January 2022

Final Recommendations Published (Full Council Consideration)

Final Recommendations (PDF, 282KB)

You can view information about previous reviews here

What is a polling district?

A polling district is a geographical area created by the sub-division of a parliamentary constituency for the purposes of a UK Parliamentary election.

What is a polling place?

A polling place is the building or area in which the Returning Officer will allocate a polling station. The polling place should be designated so that the polling station is within easy reach of all electors from across the polling district.

What is a polling station?

A polling station is the room or area within the polling place where voting takes place. Unlike polling districts and polling places, which are fixed by the local authority, polling stations are selected by the relevant Returning Officer for the election.