Parish and town elections

The Borough of Scarborough has 39 parish and town councils.

Vacancy – Filey Ward of Filey Town Council

There is a casual vacancy in the Filey Ward of Filey Town Council. The election is scheduled to be held on Thursday 25 November 2021 (if contested).

Find out if you are eligible to be a candidate and find out more about becoming a Parish Councillor.

Key Documents for this election:

Election Document


Election Timetable


Nomination Pack

Request electoral register form


Notice of Election


Statement of Persons Nominated


Notice of Poll & Situation of Polling Stations


Results of Poll

If contested, available on 26/11/2021

Please contact Filey Town Council if you want to know more about Filey Town Council. 

Please contact Electoral Services if you would like more information about the election process.

View previous election results

Parish map

Parish map

General information

Parish and Town Councils help to deliver decision-making to communities, using local knowledge and commitment to help improve and resolve local issues. They also manage resources such as village halls.  They should be contacted directly via the Parish or Town Clerks.

Details of the membership of Parish and Town Councils can also be obtained from the parish clerks.

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