Parish and town elections

The Borough of Scarborough has 39 parish and town councils.

Following Parliamentary approval of the Structural Changes Order for North Yorkshire, all Parish and Town Councils within the Borough of Scarborough will have elections on 05 May 2022.   They were due to be held in 2023, but they are to be brought forward by one year to be aligned with proposed changes to the other North Yorkshire Councils

The timetable for these Parish and Town Council elections, along with other key documents, are in the tables below.

Find out if you are eligible to be a candidate and find out more about becoming a Parish Councillor.

Anyone interested in standing as a candidate in any of the Parish or Town Councils within the Borough, should contact the relevant Parish/Town Clerk in the first instance, who will be able to give further information, and who will also have nomination packs available.

Nomination can now be submitted for this election.

Key documents for this election

Election Document


Parish Election Timetable

18 March 2022

Nomination Pack

Form to Request the Electoral Register

18 March 2022

Notice of Election

18 March 2022

Statement of Persons Nominated

(see table below for those nominated for each area)

Wednesday 06 April 2022

Notice of Poll (& Situation of Polling Stations)

(Filey ward of Filey Town Council only)

Due Tuesday 26 April 2022

Results:  Uncontested areas

Results: Contested areas

(see table below for results documents)

Due Wednesday 06 April 2022

Due Friday 06 May 2022


Parish / Town Council electoral Area


Persons nominated

Aislaby Parish Council

Aislaby results

Aislaby persons nominated

Barnby Parish Council

Barnby results

Barnby persons nominated

Borrowby Parish Council

Borrowby results

Borrowby persons nominated

Broxa-cum-Troutsdale Parish Council

Broxa-cum-Troutsdale results

Broxa-cum-Troutsdale persons nominated

Burniston Parish Council

Burniston results

Burniston persons nominated

Cayton Parish Council

Cayton results

Cayton persons nominated

Cloughton Parish Council

Cloughton results

Cloughton persons nominated

Commondale Parish Council

Commondale results

Commondale persons nominated

Danby Parish Council

Danby results

Danby persons nominated

Darncombe-cum-Langdale End Parish Council

Darncombe-cum-Langdale End results

Darncombe-cum-Langdale End persons nominated

East Ayton Parish Council

East Ayton results

East Ayton persons nominated

Egton Parish Council

Egton results

Egton persons nominated

Ellerby Parish Council

no nominations


Eskdaleside-cum-Ugglebarnby Parish Council

Eskdaleside-cum-Ugglebarnby results

Eskdaleside-cum-Ugglebarnby persons nominated

Filey Town Council (Filey Ward)

Filey Results

Filey persons nominated

Filey Town Council (Primrose Valley Ward)

no nominations


Folkton Parish Council

Folkton results

Folkton persons nominated

Fylingdales Parish Council

Fylingdales results

Fylingdales persons nominated

Goathland Parish Council

Goathland results

Goathland persons nominated

Gristhorpe Parish Council

Gristhorpe results

Gristhorpe persons nominated

Grosmont Parish Council

Grosmont results

Grosmont persons nominated

Hackness Parish Council

Hackness results

Hackness persons nominated

Harwood Dale Parish Council

Hardwood Dale results

Hardwood Dale persons nominated

Hawsker-cum-Stainsacre Parish Council

Hawsker-cum-Stainsacre results

Hawsker-cum-Stainsacre persons nominated

Hunmanby Parish Council

Hunmanby results

Hunmanby persons nominated

Hutton Buscel Parish Council

Hutton Buscel results

Hutton Buscel persons nominated

Hutton Mulgrave Parish Council

no nominations


Irton Parish Council

Irton results

Irton persons nominated

Lebberston Parish Council

Lebberston results

Lebberston persons nominated

Lythe Parish Council

Lythe results

Lythe persons nominated

Mickleby Parish Council

Mickleby results

Mickleby persons nominated

Muston Parish Council

Muston results

Muston persons nominated

Newholm-cum-Dunsley Parish Council

Newholm-cum-Dunsley results

Newholm-cum-Dunsley persons nominated

Newton Mulgrave Parish Council

Newton Mulgrave results

Newton Mulgrave persons nominated

Osgodby Parish Council

Osgodby results

Osgodby persons nominated

Parish of Brompton (Brompton Ward)

Brompton results

Brompton persons nominated

Parish of Brompton (Sawdon Ward)

Sawdon results

Sawdon persons nominated

Eastfield Town Council (Eastway Ward)

Eastway results

Eastway persons nominated

Eastfield Town Council (Westway Ward)

Westway results

Westway persons nominated

Parish of Glaisdale (Glaisdale Ward)

Glaisdale results

Glaisdale persons nominated

Parish of Glaisdale (Lealholm Ward)

Lealholm results

Lealholm persons nominated

Parish of Hinderwell (Hinderwell Ward)

Hinderwell results

Hinderwell persons nominated

Parish of Hinderwell (Staithes Ward)

Staithes results

Staithes persons nominated

Parish of Newby & Scalby (Newby Ward)

Newby results

Newby persons nominated

Parish of Newby & Scalby (Scalby Ward)

Scalby results

Scalby persons nominated

Parish of Seamer (Crossgates Ward)

Crossgates results

Crossgates persons nominated

Parish of Seamer (Seamer Ward)

Seamer Ward results

Seamer persons nominated

Parish of Staintondale (Ravenscar Ward)

Ravenscar results

Ravenscar persons nominated

Parish of Staintondale (Staintondale Ward)

Staintondale results

Staintondale persons nominated

Reighton Parish Council

Reighton results

Reighton persons nominated

Roxby Parish Council

Roxby results

Roxby persons nominated

Silpho Parish Council

Silpho results

Silpho persons nominated

Snainton Parish Council

Snaiton results

Snaiton persons nominated

Sneaton Parish Council

Sneaton results

Sneaton persons nominated

Suffield-cum-Everley Parish Council

Suffield-cum-Everley results

Suffield-cum-Everley persons nominated

Ugthorpe Parish Council

Ugthorpe results

Ugthorpe persons nominated

West Ayton Parish Council

West Ayton results

West Ayton persons nominated

Westerdale Parish Council

Westerdale results

Westerdale persons nominated

Whitby Town Council (Abbey Ward)

Abbey results

Abbey persons nominated

Whitby Town Council (Ruswarp Ward)

Ruswarp results

Ruswarp persons nominated

Whitby Town Council (Stakesby Ward)

Stakesby results

Stakesby persons nominated

Whitby Town Council (Town North Ward)

Town North results

Town North persons nominated

Whitby Town Council (Town South Ward)

no nominations


Whitby Town Council (West Cliff Ward)

West Cliff results

West Cliff persons nominated

Whitby Town Council (White Leys Ward)

White Leys results

White Leys persons nominated

Wykeham Parish Council

Wykeham results

Wykeham persons nominated

Parish map

Parish map

General information

Parish and Town Councils help to deliver decision-making to communities, using local knowledge and commitment to help improve and resolve local issues. They also manage resources such as village halls.  They should be contacted directly via the Parish or Town Clerks.

Details of the membership of Parish and Town Councils can also be obtained from the parish clerks.

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