Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner elections

The Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner elections took place on 6 May 2021. 

Elections are held every four years and for the North Yorkshire police force area. The following councils will hold elections.

  • City of York Council
  • Craven District Council
  • Hambleton District Council
  • Harrogate District Council
  • Richmondshire District Council
  • Ryedale District Council
  • Scarborough Borough Council
  • Selby District Council

For each police force area, one council will act as the lead authority to undertake the nominations of candidates and co coordinating of the results.  For North Yorkshire, the lead authority is Selby District Council. Their website will contain the information for this election, such as a timetable, information for candidates, and other electoral processes.

More information about the local Police Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire.

Candidate information

You can find out more about the North Yorkshire candidates on the Choose My PCC website

Election timetable

Date of election: 6 May 2021

Notice of Election (PDF, 77KB)

Notice of Submission of Candidate Addresses (PDF, 23KB)

Monday 15th March

Statement of Persons Nominated (PDF, 14KB) Thursday 8th April
Notice of Elections Agents (PDF, 13KB) Thursday 8th April

Deadline for applications to be included on the register of electors to be used at the election

Midnight, Monday 19th April

Last day for new postal vote applications, or changes to existing postal voting arrangements

(or to change existing absent vote details e.g. cancellation or redirection of ballot papers)

5pm, Tuesday 20th April

Last day for new applications to vote by proxy

5pm, Tuesday 27th April

Notice of Poll (PDF, 11KB) Tuesday 27th April
Situation of Polling Stations (PDF, 62KB) Tuesday 27th April

First day to request replacement of lost postal ballots

Thursday 29th April

*POLLING DAY*   (7am – 10pm)

Last day for applications to vote by emergency proxy

(due to medical/education/employment)

5pm, Thursday 6th May

Results - see below Friday 7th May


Philip Allott (Conservative) has been elected as the North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner.

Janet Waggott , Police Area Returning Officer at the election for the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for the North Yorkshire Police area, made the announcement today (7 May).

After a two stage count, taking into account first and second preference votes, the final results were:

  • Phillip Allott (Conservative) - 84,737 votes
  • Alison Hume (Labour) - 53,442 votes

The results from the first stage of the count, which includes the two candidates that did not go through to the second stage count, were as follows:

  • Phillip Allott (Conservative) - 73,657
  • Alison Hume (Labour) - 40,803
  • Keith Tordoff (Independent) - 22,338
  • James Barker (Liberal Democrats) - 19,773

The overall turnout for the elections was 25.33%. The turnout for Scarborough borough was 22.04% (up from 18.42% for the same election in 2016).