Corporate plan

The corporate plan is the council’s key strategic planning document, which articulates the council’s overall aims and ambitions, and also serves to be a focus for setting key targets for the council.

The corporate plan is titled ‘Towards 2030’, with a simple Vision/ Mission Statement of ‘Towards a prosperous Borough, with a high quality of life for all’.

The corporate plan contains 4 key aims to reflect key priorities of residents and stakeholders as defined through the wide range of consultation which has been undertaken by the council. 

  • People – to have a safe, happy, healthy population with people who feel valued and included
  • Place  - to protect and improve our environment, now and for the future
  • Prosperity – to develop a prosperous and innovative borough, with a highly skilled and aspirational workforce
  • Council – to be an efficient and effective council which is financially sustainable for the future.

Annual improvement plan

Every year we need to set out targets for the next twelve months and review progress.  This is done through the publication of our annual improvement plan.


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