Corporate plan

The corporate plan is the council’s key strategic planning document, which articulates the council’s overall aims and ambitions, and also serves to be a focus for setting key targets for the council.

  • Our corporate plan is titled ‘Better Borough, Brighter Futures’ and  is divided into four main themes.
  • Better Lives covers happy, healthy and active people, how communities can thrive and be engaged and how to create a safe borough.
  • Better Homes is focused on providing more good quality housing for people who want to rent or buy them.
  • Better Places means a cleaner and greener borough, which is attractive and something we can be proud of, and ensures we have vibrant town centres, culture and heritage.
  • Brighter Futures covers economic generation, which benefits everyone and making sure the borough is as connected as it can be, virtually and in reality.
  • The plan acknowledges the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic and the role we have to play in driving the recovery.
  • It also sets out what residents can expect from us in future and the role they need to play to ensure a better borough can be built.

You can read the full Corporate Plan here.

Annual improvement plan

Every year we need to set out targets for the next twelve months and review progress.  This is done through the publication of our annual improvement plan.