Consultation on the problems of kittiwakes and herring gulls

On 1 April the single new council for North Yorkshire launched replacing Scarborough Borough Council and other local authorites in North Yorkshire.

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The consultation has now ended.

Scarborough Borough Council is inviting residents and businesses in the Borough of Scarborough to give their opinions on the problems associated with herring gulls and kittiwakes along the Yorkshire coast.

The survey has been requested by the council’s Overview and Scrutiny task group, which has been set up to review the problems, following increasing local concerns in recent years about the two different species of birds.  The review aims to identify some practical, effective, affordable and sustainable measures that would reduce the nuisance caused by herring gulls and kittiwakes.

Both species are of conservation concern – herring gulls on the red list and kittiwakes on the amber list – and both are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.  Natural England has however, issued a general licence in relation to herring gulls which permits the use of lethal control methods, but only if there is a proven risk to public health and safety, and provided it will not adversely affect the conservation status of the species.  There are no general licence provisions in respect of kittiwakes.

Among the recommendations in a report on nesting kittiwakes commissioned by the council in July 2014, is the use of more effective and humane methods to deter nesting, and better education and public outreach work to help manage a rare urban nesting colony that is of conservation importance.  More generally, education and the proofing of buildings seem the only real options for the control of gulls nesting on buildings; but there are ways we can investigate to limit herring gulls’ access to food waste and to deter feeding.  The best approach we believe is a partnership one which involves businesses, residents, visitors and conservation organisations.

Consultation details

When is the consultation taking place?

Start: 19/01/2015   End: 17/02/2015

Which audience or groups are being consulted?






  • Residents Panel
  • Business Panel
  • General Public
  • Parish Councils


How are we consulting?

  • Email invites to Web Surveys
  • Web Survey
  • Public Meetings
  • Paper surveys available from Customer First

Area covered by the consultation?

  • Whole Borough


Contact details


St John Harris


Scarborough Borough Council, Town Hall, St Nicholas Street, YO11 2HG


01723 383556


How will the results be used?

  • The results will be used to help the Overview and Scrutiny task group identify potential solutions to lessen the problem.