Reductions in LSCT awards

If your LSCT award is reduced due to a change in your circumstances then you will receive an increased council tax bill setting out your new installments for payment.  

If your LSCT award is reduced due to our error and you could not reasonably be expected to know that you were receiving too much LSCT, then we will consider not recovering the extra LSCT awarded depending on the circumstances of your case.

Exceptional Hardship Payments (EHPs)

In addition to LSCT the council can award extra financial assistance to customers unable to pay their council tax. 

EHPs can be awarded on the basis of hardship and are a short-term, emergency award.

EHPs can be considered where the customer:

  • has to pay council tax, and
  • is in receipt of LSCT, and
  • is in need of further financial assistance

EHPs cannot be used to cover:

  • unpaid council tax prior to April 2013
  • sanctions/reductions in benefits
  • court costs/recovery costs/penalty charges

To apply for an EHP we will need you to tell us about your situation, household and financial circumstances and why you are unable to pay your council tax bill. 

Discretionary Housing Payment form >

Or can write to us at the Benefits Office, PO Box 148, Town Hall, St Nicholas Street, Scarborough, YO11 2ZH.