Local support for Council Tax

Local Support for Council Tax (LSCT) replaced Council Tax Benefit from 1 April 2013. 

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LSCT is a discount off your council tax and is means tested.  We take into account things like: 

  • your income (and your partner’s if you have one)
  • savings
  • if anyone else lives with you
  • personal circumstances

Changes in entitlement to a discount

We must be informed within 21 days of any change which may affect the discount - if not, a penalty of up to £70 could be incurred. If you haven't previously told us about a change it will be backdated and you will have to make payment of any arrears promptly.

We no longer issue Local Support for Council Tax entitlement letters.

When you receive your Council Tax bill and you would like your award explaining call in to see a Benefits Advisor or call us on 01723 232372. 

Working age customers

Unlike the old Council Tax Benefit scheme, working age customers will now have to contribute something towards their council tax liability. 

Pension age customers

Pensioners are protected under the new Local Support for Council Tax scheme and can still receive a maximum 100% discount off their council tax charge.

How much will I get?

You can use the benefits advisor on GOV.UK to find out what you can get.

Can you help me fill in the claim form?

If you have a claim form, you can bring your claim form and/or documents to the Town Hall, Customer First Centre, St Nicholas Street on weekdays. You can also use any of the area offices. 

Additional help

If you feel that you would benefit from or require independent professional advice then there is a local office of the Scarborough and District Citizens Advice Bureau.

Contact us

If you need to get in touch about Local Support Council Tax, please use our dedicated online form. 

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