Whitby Market survey

Responsibility for markets came into the Regeneration department some time ago and we are seeking the views about the market area.

Whitby Market is a place of charm in an important town and we would like to know what the views of local people as well as visitors and traders are in relation to its existence and appearance. 

The make up of the trading mix is also an area we are keen to seek feedback on and all of this data will go into the considerations as to change the way it works or leave the same.

This sort of consultation is a regular occurrence as in our efforts to provide what the community would like to see.

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When is the consultation taking place?

Start: 11 August   End: 31 August

Which audience or groups are being consulted?





(Please include details of how Hard to Reach Groups will be consulted)

  • Residents Panel
  • General Public
  • Parish Councils
  • Hard to Reach Groups

How are we consulting?

  • Postal Surveys (Residents Panel)
  • Web Survey
  • Public Meetings

Area covered by the consultation?

  • Whitby
  • Whole Borough




Nick Taylor



Regeneration, Scarborough Borough council , the Town Hall, Scarborough


01723 232323



How will the results be used?

A new strategy for Whitby Town Centre.

Outcomes of the Consultation

Findings of the survey will be posted here in January 2018