Promoting democracy

We are organising a Young Adults Council Event with Colleges and Uniformed Groups within the Borough taking part. The event is to encourage democracy in young people. We have set up an opinion survey for young people (aged 16- 18 years) to complete- the results are to form part of a debate for the event.

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When is the consultation taking place?
Start: 01/09/2017   End: 13/10/2017
Which audience or groups are being consulted?
  • General Public
  • Youth Groups
How are we consulting?
  • College and Uniformed Groups Surveys
  • Web Survey
Area covered by the consultation?
  • Whole Borough
  • What meetings will it inform? Young Adults Cabinet Meeting Event
  • Likely date of publication of results? 16th November during event
  • How will findings be reported back? 16th November during event