Improving our communications

As part of a council-wide project to improve our communications both with staff internally, and externally with the public and our stakeholders, a review group has been established to look at all aspects of the issue and develop a new communications strategy.  As part of this, we are carrying out a survey on communications and need your help to identify improvements which can be made.

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The questionnaire aims to find out how you receive information about the council, which methods of communication are most effective, which methods of communication are least effective and how you would prefer to be communicated with.  We would also like to know what information is useful to you and how you prefer to contact us. 

This survey should only take you a few minutes to compete and your thoughts on how we can improve communications are very important to help inform the review so please do take the time to respond.  All responses will be in confidence and individual responses will not be disclosed.


When is the consultation taking place?
Start: 5 January 2018   End: 9 February 2018
Which audience or groups are being consulted?
(Please include details of how Hard to Reach Groups will be consulted)
  • Residents Panel
  • General Public
  • Parish Councils
  • Businesses and other Stakeholders
  • Hard to Reach Groups
How are we consulting?
  • Postal Surveys
  • Web Survey
Area covered by the consultation?
Whole Borough

Contact details

Telephone: 01723 232323