Improving Scarborough Cricket Club

Scarborough Cricket Club

Renewal and investment in this historic sports ground to secure the future of First Class county cricket within Scarborough.  

Scarborough Cricket Club was originally formed in 1849 and is a prestigious, historic cricket venue currently hosting First Class county cricket, league cricket, local cup finals and inter-schools cricket matches. It has inextricable ties to the local community and a legacy of inspiring sporting achievement within both the town and wider region.

The project will enhance and rejuvenate the grounds, pitch and its facilities in order to meet the clubs aspirations to continue to host first class county cricket at this prestigious ground. At the same time bringing the venue up to date with English & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) standards and requirements along with increasing the visitor experience at the ground.

The project will come to fruition through three phases. Phase one will see investment into refurbishing the North Stand and its facilities to significantly improve standards. Activities will involve developing the existing toilet facilities to bring them in line with modern standards and constructing new disabled and family toilets as well as widespread waterproofing of the stand and upgrades to critical grounds equipment.

Phases two and three will see the redevelopment of currently unused space under the West Stand to improve and enhance the visitor experience. The project will create new innovative places to linger with the construction of a new bar/catering area fronting the West Stand. A new Heritage Centre will be established to allow visitors to explore the showcased history of the club and local cricket with the aim of inspiring future generations. Digital infrastructure at the ground will also be improved along with visitor security. Ground improvements will be undertaken with the introduction of two hybrid wickets to allow the club to retain first class cricket; and potentially increase the number of future County and Women’s International games the club can host.

Match funding for the project is been provided by The Friends of Scarborough Cricket Club.

Scarborough Cricket Club Redacted Full Business Case PDF, 4MB)