Scarborough Town Centre Projects

Re-greening the High Street

A re-greening of Scarborough town centre through the planting of birch trees, native grasses and hardy native plants plus the installation of additional seating in order to enhance the environment of the town centre, creating an inviting public realm which will encourage shoppers to dwell and visit. The new seating will be adaptable and moveable in order to allow for town centre events to take place.

Regreening Scarborough Town CentreRegreening Scarborough Town Centre

Public WiFi

Introduction of public Wi-Fi within our Town Centre

Providing the platform upon which our visitors and community will be able to access a range of current and future digital services.

Scarborough Fayre

It is envisaged that Scarborough Fayre could be a year round programme of activity, which both encourages and enhances grassroots cultural activity, as well as developing larger scale events aimed at attracting more visitors and residents, extending the existing tourism season.

An independent consultant has been procured to conduct a Feasibility Study and the final report will include options for delivery, costs and timescale.

Scarborough Fayre will become synonymous with quality and accessibility, an umbrella encompassing broader promotion, increased and more diverse audiences and access to expertise to help grow, improve and sustain cultural projects. It is also envisaged that it local businesses and event organisers will benefit by being able to use this high profile brand to promote their products and events, as well as pooling resources and enabling support.

Scarborough Fayre delivery through Town Deal Funding will focus on the establishment of a physical home, or hub, for the Scarborough Fayre operation and the base funding to operate that presence for four years. It is identified as a project within Scarborough’s Town Deal Investment Plan.

Vinyl Wrapping

The Scenes from Scarborough Art Trail includes a variety of images by local artists and can be found across the town centre, located in shop windows. The artwork, which has been created using print, photography, painting and graphic design, depicts a variety of vistas from the local area, appropriately named 'Scenes from Scarborough'.

The project is a joint initiative by Scarborough Borough Council, Scarborough Town Centre Team and Scarborough Town Deal Board, supported by government Town Deal funding.

The artworks are intended to stay in place temporarily and the locations may change throughout the life of the project. Further information on the artwork currently viewable can be seen on

Vinyl Wrapping Project


A series of new wayfinding signage which will include map totems, finger posts and digital kiosks are planned to be installed

Alongside the physical signage a new bespoke wayfinding app with a series of self-guided trails and interactive games is also being developed.Wayfinding totem