Scarborough Town Centre Charter

As part of its campaign for a safe and vibrant town centre, the Scarborough Town Centre Team in partnership with Scarborough Borough Council, North Yorkshire Police, Scarborough Chamber of Trade, Scarborough Anti-theft group, Scarborough Civic Society and the Federation of small businesses have developed a Town Centre Charter which aims to support the regeneration plans for Scarborough town centre.

The Charter identifies a number of areas where the Town Centre Team would like to see activity focussed;

Improvement of the Public Realm

Reduce anti-social behaviour and crime, improve pedestrian areas; encourage civic pride and ensure adherence to traffic and highways regulations. Promoting a CLEAN, GREEN and PRISTINE environment.

Transport and Connectivity

Explore ways of improving the Railway Station and surrounding area creating a strong arrival in the town and providing better connection to the town centre pedestrianised area and onwards.

Renewing the Evening Economy

The creation of Town Squares and open spaces. Developing St Helen’s Square as a Market Square has already been identified as one area to provide better public space and encourage leisure in the town.

A Planned Programme of Festival and Activities

Creation of a year-round calendar of events focused in the town centre, incorporating new events but also building on existing established activities which have the potential to grow.

Renewed Parking Strategy

We believe it is time to review on and off street car parking within the town centre to ensure strategies align and encourage shoppers to visit.

Improved Digital Activity

Enhanced digital connectivity with the installation of public Wi-Fi providing the possibilities for gamification apps and digital interactive wayfinding. Plans are also being explored for a Digital Hub.

An Important Cultural Experience

Scarborough Museums Trust, Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough YMCA, Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre, and the Scarborough heritage generally all have a fantastic chance to maximise their impact on the town bringing cultural regeneration to the fore.

A Wide Range of Leisure Activity

There has been wide consultation across all age groups and it is clear that there needs to be much more than just retail in the town centre. We aim to encourage a mixed use environment utilising empty premises for alternative activity.

Town Centre Living

Aim to increase the number of people living in the town centre and for this to be a real cross-section of our community who live in the town centre by choice as an enjoyable, safe and clean environment.

Branding and Identity

Establish a strong brand and identity for Scarborough town centre that makes it stand out from the rest and encompasses everything the town has to offer residents, businesses and visitors.

Town Centre Pledge

The Town Centre Team would like to work with businesses, property owners and organisations in Scarborough Town Centre to develop a ‘Town Centre Pledge’ which encourages a vibrant, clean and tidy town centre for all.

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